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Some stained glass goodies lovingly handcrafted at A Touch of Glass...and then some

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Here at A Touch of Glass i've been doing Stained Glass for more years than i care to admit to; handcrafting everything from stained glass suncatchers, to windows, to whatever catches my fancy or someone else's. Recently, i have been experimenting with Fused Glass and enjoying the challenge and surprise of finding just the right kiln settings that create magical changes in shape and color of each piece of glass.

Each sheet of glass is hand cut and inspired by the colors of springtime flowers, the crackle of an autumn fire, songs of the birds in summer, the babble of a winter brook and the whisper of the spirits in the trees. I use both the Tiffany Copper Foil method, as well as Came construction for my stained glass pieces, many of which are multi-dimensional and incorporate mixed media designs. The fused glass pieces are also hand cut and assembled, then fired in the kiln to achieve just the right transformation of the glass, whether it ends up a pendant, bowl, candleholder or plaque.

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Special orders and custom work are always welcome.

This website is, and will probably always be, a work in progress. There will always be new stained glass and fused glass pieces to add and changes of mind to improve the look and feel of "A Touch of Glass...and then some". Please visit again to see the additions and changes.

~ Woodcarvings from ArtradA Workshop ~

ArtradA wood carvings

As some of you know, we carry a selection of hand carved wooden statues from ArtradA Workshop in Ukraine and have a decent stock of various Gods and Goddesses. The photo shows an example of some of the pieces we have to offer, but there are many more. For inquiries as to what we have in stock, custom orders, and pricing, please Contact Us